SFBC launch bereavement resources for children

16 November, 2022

We are proud to announce the launch of our new Parent and Carer Guide created by our Support for Families Bereaved by Crime service. This specialist guide will help parents and carers to support a child or young person where a family member has died through murder or culpable homicide.

Bereavement following murder or culpable homicide is complex. Not only do families have to deal with a sudden, unexpected death – they also have to deal with the way in which their family member has died.

This booklet can help adults decide with what to say to children, provide guidance around common reactions to grief and trauma, as well as practical tips and advice around key stages in their journey, such as saying goodbye, funerals, social media, and court.

Parents and carers are often struggling with their own grief and trauma, as well as trying to care for and navigate children or young people through their own grief. From working with families directly, we identified the need for resources to be available for adults to help them start conversations about grief and loss.

Alongside the Parent and Carer Guide, we have developed a specialist bereavement resources guide for families we are working with. This guide contains a number of carefully chosen items to help support children and young people affected by murder or culpable homicide. These include grief journals, toys, and sensory items to reduce stress.

The suppliers and organisations that have collaborated with us on this project include: 

We would like to express a huge thank you to all the organisations who have made this project possible. Your items and guidance have helped to ensure these resources are as comprehensive as possible for children and young people of all ages.

With special thanks to the children’s organisations who reviewed this resource and provided valuable feedback: Child Bereavement UK, Richmond’s Hope and Winston’s Wish.

If you find reading difficult, or if you would like to translate the above documents, please use our Reachdeck tool at the top of this page to download the documents in an easy-to-read version or another language. Alternatively, please contact to access printed documents in a different language.