International Day Against Homophobia Transphobia and Biphobia

Today, 17th May, is the International Day Against Homophobia Transphobia and Biphobia, launched in 2004 to highlight discrimination and violence against LGBTI+ people internationally.

17 May, 2018

As an inclusive charity that strives to support all victims of crime, Victim Support Scotland is happy to promote the day in recognition of the many victims of hate crime simply because of sex or sexuality.

VSS has been campaigning through the Scottish Parliament for many years to get victims and witnesses of crime the rights that they deserve and we are committed to helping any member of the LGBTI community whenever our support is needed.

We are running a hate crime awareness campaign entitled We Got This informing what to do when witnessing a hate incident:

1) Start a conversation with the person being targeted. Ignore the attacker.
2) Record the attack on your phone from a safe distance.
3) Report the incident to VSS (0345 603 9213) or call the police.

Together we can stand up to LGBTI hate crime.

Find out more on the May 17 website