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Murray’s* story

24 February, 2023

Murray experienced assault and antisocial behaviour from a person in his local community. He received support from his local Victim Support Scotland office after being referred to VSS by Police Scotland.

I first got in touch with Victim Support Scotland after I’d reported the crime to the police. They referred me on to receive a call from the local team. I’ve had two volunteer supporters and both have been very good with listening.

The crime has had a large impact on myself and my partner. I had to give up my job as I don’t feel safe going there. I don’t go out now without my partner. I was getting symptoms such as nightmares and flashbacks of being assaulted.

Because of Covid I had no other support from my GP or other services at the time. I had support from another counselling charity but I had to wait months for them.
The two girls I’ve had at VSS have kept my spirit up. They’ve heard me cry, they have heard me depressed and have been my saviour while I was waiting for other services. I’ve been up and I’ve been down and my supporter has kept my spirits up. When somebody listens , it makes a difference, it helps me.

There was also a long time until the court case came around and when it did there were delays that meant it took over a month until I gave evidence. VSS provided emotional support throughout. VSS was there on the day of court and I don’t think I would have managed without them. They kept me calm, just provided me support. Now that the court case has passed, I am still talking to my VSS supporter and it has calmed me straight down.

VSS have supported me for the criminal justice aspect and emotional support and I am now waiting to access other services to support my mental health. This time last year I was scared of my own shadow but I’m stronger every day. It’s made me determined to live my life again.


VSS supports all people affected by crime, whether the case has been reported to the Police or not. To access support from VSS please contact us through the VSS Helpline on 0800 160 1985 or through email or web chat at the bottom of this page.

*Name has been changed to protect confidentiality