Scottish Government Consultation on Hate Crime

Victim Support Scotland (VSS) will submit a response to the Scottish Government’s Consultation on Hate Crime soon and we are asking for input.

21 December, 2018

This piece of work will supplement our initial response to Lord Bracadale’s recommendations as part of our involvement in the independent review of Hate Crime Legislation in Scotland.

The consultation questions include an approach to consolidate all Scottish Hate Crime legislation and expanding the statutory aggravations (race, religion, sexual orientation, transgender identity, disability). The closing date for responses is 24 February 2019.

We are broadly supportive of Lord Bracadale’s findings that age and gender should be recognised as aggravating factors in Hate Crimes. However, we will be embarking on a period of consultation within the organisation to inform discussions more broadly. This will allow us to better understand hate crime in our communities and offer effective support to those affected.

Lord Bracadale is hosting a series of roadshows in the beginning of the year, which we would encourage people to attend:

Stornaway – 17th Jan

Dundee – 22nd Jan

Galashiels – 24th Jan

Glasgow – 29th Jan

Edinburgh – 31st Jan

Aberdeen – 6th Feb

Shetland – 7th Feb

Stirling – 12th Feb

More information can be found on the Scottish Government website

Anyone who has experience working with victims of hate crime who already have protected characteristics (race, religion, sexual orientation, transgender identity, disability) or feels there are recurring themes in relation to hate crime that may have been missed (e.g. age, gender, homeless people, those in receipt of welfare, traveling community, asylum seekers etc.) is invited to get in touch with VSS Policy.