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The impact Christmas can have on people affected by crime

22 December, 2022

If you have been affected by crime, Christmas can be a hugely difficult time. A time for reflection on the year that has passed, the festive period can bring up painful memories and past experiences.

Victim Support Scotland is available throughout the festive period, to help you to cope with the feelings you may be experiencing.

Victim Support Scotland is here to give you emotional and support practical support throughout Christmas. You can find out more by watching the short video below.

Throughout Christmas and New Year, you may be feeling isolated and left out of the joy that people are feeling around you. You may also feel stressed and find Christmas increases this further.

Many people have difficult experiences with family and these feelings and anxiety about previous years can increase during the festive period. You may also find you are struggling to access services that can usually help with how you are feeling.

If you have been bereaved by crime, Christmas is also an extremely difficult period. You can access more guidance on how to cope with a bereavement at Christmas on the Cruse website by clicking here.