Victims Week 2019

Victims Week 2019 takes place 18 – 24 February, and VSS is taking the  opportunity to urge those who need support to contact them for free and confidential help.

17 February, 2019

We are reminding people affected by crime that VSS provides practical and emotional assistance, enabling victims and witnesses to regain control, confidence and peace of mind with a series of social media ads. We are also highlighting our recently launched a free helpline – 0800 160 1985 – open Monday to Friday from 8am to 8pm, which ensures support is more accessible for individuals.

Kate Wallace, Chief Executive of VSS, said: “It’s so important for victims of crime to feel that they are being listened to and understood, as well as getting the practical information they need. That’s what we do all across the country all year round. No matter what the crime or when it was committed, our friendly volunteers and staff are there to help.”

VSS is continuing to develop its services for people affected by crime, including the creation of a new homicide service, funded by the Scottish Government, that will give families of murder victims access to a dedicated case worker and continuous support. It is also leading on the development of a new ‘victim centred’ approach, working with partners to streamline points of contact, improve information flow and ensure victims of crime feel supported through the criminal justice system. This will reduce the need for victims to have to retell their story to several different organisations as they seek help.