Young Hearts, Run Free

23 February, 2021

A 1970s disco classic may not seem like an obvious link for Victims Awareness Week, but Paisley born singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist, Ziggi Battles, was inspired to record her own ‘stripped-back’ version of Candi Staton’s ‘Young Hearts Run Free’ when she connected with the powerful lyrics.

Ziggi, who has recently used Victim Support Scotland’s service during a court case against her ex-partner, told us: “If you strip back this upbeat 1970s pop song and really listen to the lyrics, it takes on a whole new meaning.

“As someone who was trapped in a controlling and abusive relationship in which I felt like I would never find the strength to leave and break free, this song really began to resonate with me.

“It’s tragic that there are so many women, and men, out there who feel they cannot escape the shackles of an abusive partner for whatever reason. I therefore wanted to record my own version of this song so that people who can relate to these lyrics feel empowered to do something about their own situation.

“I escaped hell on earth and now that I’ve finally got my freedom back, I am growing stronger every day with a much more positive outlook on my life. If I can escape abuse, other victims can too.”

Ziggi’s ex-partner was found guilty of domestic abuse and harassment and charged in November 2020. Thanks to her family, friends and Victim Support Scotland’s service, Ziggi is no longer living in fear.

Victim Support Scotland is here to help anyone affected by crime. If you need support, please contact us via our helpline (0800 160 1985), our webchat service (see bottom right) or our contact form.