Bairns Hoose

We are a key partner in the Bairns Hoose project to deliver a child-friendly, safe and welcoming place for children to go to once a crime has been reported.

The project is being led by Children 1st in partnership with VSS and the University of Edinburgh. It has been funded by the People’s Postcode Lottery Dream Fund.

Scotland’s Bairns Hoose is based on an internationally renowned model first developed in Iceland, called Barnahus. The Barnahus model brings together justice, health, social work and recovery support, to best meet the needs of child victims and witnesses.

At the Bairns Hoose, each young person will:

  • Give evidence
  • Receive medical care
  • Take part in decisions about their protection
  • Get support to recover from the trauma they have experienced
  • Have a space where their wider family can also get support to understand what has happened to their child and how best to help them through it all

The Bairns Hoose will provide a single location alternative to courts, social work offices and police stations, allowing each young person to feel safe and supported, and able to recover and thrive.

Throughout 2022 we will continue to work closely with Children 1st and the University of Edinburgh to deliver on this ground-breaking project.