A local pilot group for victims & witnesses to feedback

Join our local group to show how a person’s knowledge and journey can influence the criminal justice system and help others.

Victim Support Scotland is creating a group to give people a space where they can share their input and feedback about various aspects of the criminal justice system.

The group will be confidential and be made up of people who have directly been affected by crime and who wish to volunteer their feedback and views in a safe environment. This feedback will be used to inform both internal and external projects, such as the development and implementation of new victim services, research studies, and policy changes.

The pilot group is completely optional and participants may end their involvement at any point.

You can download a more detailed description of the group below or view the information here: Local Pilot Group

If you are from Edinburgh, the Lothians and Borders and are interested in learning more about this pilot and/or being a participant, please contact the VSS Service User Engagement Officer, Leah Soweid, at Leah.Soweid@victimsupportsco.org.uk or at 07552 985 502.