Victims Organisations Collaboration Forum Scotland

The Victims’ Organisation Collaboration Forum Scotland (VOCFS) is a group of victims’ and survivors’ organisations that champion the voices and experiences of those that have been affected by crime. The group advocates for positive and lasting improvements within Scotland’s criminal justice system, informed by what victims and survivors tell us they want to see change.

VOCFS members work together to create a common vision for a Scotland policies, proposals and legislation that are informed by the voices and experiences of victims and survivors of crime.

Members provide strategic direction to creating better services that suit the needs of victims across Scotland. VOCFS also represents a strong, united and distinct voice within the sector, championing a justice system in Scotland that victims can have confidence in and campaigning for rights for victims.

Current members of VOCFS:

To find out more about VOCFS, please email: policy

As a collaborative forum, VOCFS have completed several group consultation responses, which can be downloaded by clicking below.