Support for young victims of crime

Support for young victims of crime.

There are some regulations on how we can support younger people who were victims of crime. Read below about how we can help depending on your age.

Is it a crime?

It’s not always obvious that a crime has been or is being committed. You might be experiencing some form of unwanted attention, verbal or physical abuse, cyber bullying (using things like Snapchat, WhatsApp, Facebook and Twitter) or something else that makes you feel uncomfortable. If you’re worried, you can speak to us by calling our Helpline on 0800 160 1985.

People 11 and under

If you’re 11 or under and need to speak to someone, we can provide support to your parent or guardian to help them support you.  If you need support, please call or webchat with Childline on 0800 11 11.

We can support parents and guardians of young people affected by crime to help them support you. We might refer parents and guardians to specialist local agencies. Alternatively, parents and guardians can contact Parentline, run by Children 1st, on 08000 28 22 33.

People 12 and over

You’re entitled to use our services with or without a parent or guardian being present. Get in contact with us through the options listed below.

Whoever you are and whatever the crime, we’re here to help