Victims’ Fund

The Victims’ Fund is open to people affected by crime across Scotland, who are in urgent need of financial help as a result of what they have experienced. This may be especially relevant during the COVID-19 pandemic. People can access assistance worth up to £3,000, for a wide range of goods and services where they have no other access to funds.

The Victims’ Fund, which is administered by Victim Support Scotland, is open to any victim of crime who is resident in Scotland and currently accessing victim and other support services. It is also available for people who live outside Scotland who have been bereaved by a crime that has occurred within Scotland.

Additional eligibility requirements:

  • There is an urgent identified need
  • No other organisation can meet this need
  • The crime has been reported to the Police or other organisation
  • Funds provided require to be declared by the recipient

The Victims’ Fund is available for specific costs and items in the aftermath of a crime. It is not a compensation fund.

The Fund will provide financial assistance up to £3,000.

The funding is for the direct purchase or reimbursement of goods and services on behalf of the victim. In most cases, we would expect invoices or receipts to be submitted along with the application to verify the amount claimed and only in exceptional cases will we provide a cash sum to an applicant.

Examples of what the Fund can cover include: emergency household, food, utility or clothing expenses; costs to repair or replace damaged property or goods; contributions to funeral costs; moving costs; travel costs to place of safety or to attend court; or security equipment costs.

  • Please note that other types of expenditure will be considered if a need is identified.
  • Organisations can apply for funding on behalf of victims, but payments will not be made directly to these organisations.
  • Applications must be endorsed and submitted by a referral organisation* acting in their professional capacity.

Please note: People are not able to make an application on their own behalf, but need to go through an organisation, agency or Victim Support Scotland directly. If you would like to apply, but are not currently being supported by an agency, please contact us.

To apply to the Fund, please complete the application using the guidance notes below and email to:

Once you have submitted the application form, we will respond as soon as we can. If you have any enquiries about the fund, please email

*Referral organisations are support organisations, mostly in the third sector, who victims and their families are in touch with.