Five-year plan to transform victims’ experience of justice in Scotland

20 April, 2021

Victim Support Scotland has announced its new five-year plan, aimed at empowering everyone affected by crime through high-quality support and care, as well transforming victims’ experience of the justice system.

The VSS Strategy 2021-2026 – Empowering people affected by crime – will run for the duration of the next Scottish Parliament, until 2026, and centres on four strategic priorities:

  • EMPOWER people affected by crime by providing high quality, outcome-focused support and care to all who need it.
  • TRANSFORM victims’ and witnesses’ experiences of the criminal justice system.
  • BUILD productive partnerships aimed at improving the experiences of those affected by crime.
  • SUSTAIN our impact by focusing all we do, in every area of the organisation, on making a lasting difference for people affected by crime.

Kate Wallace, Chief Executive of Victim Support Scotland, comments:

“What we want to see over the next five years is that victims, witnesses and families from all backgrounds are treated with dignity and respect; and that everything possible is done to make sure that everyone impacted by crime receives the high quality support that they deserve.

“As a charity, we have for over 35-years been providing services to people throughout Scotland with practical and emotional support in their own areas and the courts.

“We have a unique ability to link people’s experiences and views of crime and the justice system, directly to decision makers at a national level. This allow us to positively influence policy and legislation, and apply pressure on government and our partners, to make sure victims and witnesses needs are put first.

“Our strategy builds on the foundations we have created within Victim Support Scotland in the last few years, and also takes our ambitions further. I am personally excited to see what we can achieve by 2026.”

Victim Support Scotland is here to help anyone affected by crime. If you need support, please contact us via our helpline (0800 160 1985), our webchat service or our contact form.