Policy and research

Victim Support Scotland operates under the vision that ‘people affected by crime are treated with dignity and respect and are at the heart of the justice system in Scotland.’ Empowering people affected by crime: VSS Strategy 2021-2026.

Our policy and advocacy work constitute a key role in our mission to place victims and witnesses of crime at the heart of justice in Scotland. Working alongside our partners, we aim to build a victim-centred approach to crime based on the concept of a multi-organisation, co-ordinated approach to the criminal justice system in Scotland.

We work in partnership with key organisations in the criminal justice sector, Scottish and UK Governments and parliamentarians, civil servants and other policy makers to ensure victim’s voices are central to ensuring Scotland’s justice system continues to evolve to meet the needs of society.

We want a justice system and support services that ultimately reflect the needs and voices of those affected by crime across Scotland.