Tell us about your experiences

If you have been affected by crime, regardless of whether you have used Victim Support services or not, we’d really like to  hear from you.

Your views and experience could help improve and make  positive changes to the justice system in Scotland.

You can share your experiences, comments and feedback in two ways:

1. Tell us about the support services you received

We welcome feedback on our services as well as other services you have received. You may have used our community or court-based services directly and we want your honest feedback on this. Click here to access the form to give feedback on Victim Support Scotland services.

2. Share your story to help people affected by crime

Your stories help us to ensure victim and witness voices are heard. They are also help other people who have had similar experiences to feel less alone.

We are looking for people who would like to share their stories for use within our training, lobbying, campaigning, website and media work. Individual stories will always be used anonymously, unless you give us permission otherwise. Fill out the form below to share your story.

There are many ways in which sharing your story can help us to encourage positive change in the criminal justice system. We can use what you tell us in:

  • Consultations that focus on changing legislation that affects victims and witnesses of crime. Here are some that we have responded to recently. All of these consultation responses include feedback from people affected by crime and their experiences.
  • Your story can be shared in the way you choose on our website or on social media. We also offer an opportunity to share your story in the media, if you feel like this may be something you would like to do. We often release stories into the media raising awareness of a number of topics, and these include the experiences of people affected by crime. You can read more by clicking here.
  • If you would like to find out more and have a conversation about how you can share your stories and experiences in the way that best suits you, please contact:
  • We welcome people from all backgrounds, experiences and crime types to share their views and experiences. Obtaining the feedback of people affected by crime is a core mission of VSS, to ensure we best support people who most need our support.