Student Volunteering Week – Priya’s story

16 February, 2024

This week marks Student Volunteering Week. We hear from Priya, who has been volunteering to gain experience in law while studying at the University of Strathclyde.

“I heard about Victim Support Scotland through a classmate at university who worked there.

“He knew I was looking to do something for the community and also gain some experience in the legal system of Scotland, so he guided me through the process and that was just the beginning.

“I joined Victim Support Scotland in January 2024, and I am so glad I did because the experience I am getting here will help me build on my career goals of being a Criminal Lawyer and aiding people of the community.

“I volunteered at Victim Support Scotland as it is a great opportunity to learn about the working of the justice system and get familiar with court terms, judges and the common cases that come into the system. I am an introvert as well so being able to connect with people will open up many gates for me as a person.

“Personally, I feel that what I am doing is not a big thing, but I am trying my best to do whatever I can and provide all the resources I can to be a reason that someone gets the help they need. I would love to give back to the community however I possibly can.”