VSS statement on the summary case management pilot

17 November, 2023

Kate Wallace, Chief Executive of Victim Support Scotland said:

“We are keen to understand in more detail the results the Summary Case Management pilot and the actual impact it has had on all victims of crime, including people who have been affected by domestic abuse.

“Going to court to give evidence can be extremely traumatising, with the people we support telling us that it is almost as traumatising as the crime itself. With many victims of crime experiencing significant court delays, we welcome any initiative that attempts to positively impact people’s experiences of the justice system.

“Engaging with people affected by crime at the start of a case going through the justice system is an important step to ensure all victims and witnesses feel informed and included in the process and is a core principle of trauma-informed practice.

“We hope justice partners are really listening to the concerns of people who have been affected by crime and are acknowledging this feedback as the pilot progresses. We will be continuing to work closely with all justice partners as the pilot continues and is introduced into Glasgow Sheriff Court.”