Parliamentary evidence and consultation responses

As part of our advocacy work, Victim Support Scotland provides written and oral evidence about the experiences of people affected by crime. We provide this evidence to Members of the Scottish Parliament, and other stakeholders, through various committees and consultations concerning legislation and scrutiny.

19 January 2022 Independent review of complaints handling, investigations and misconduct issues relating to policing Scottish Government
17th February 2022 Consultation on bail and release from custody arrangements in Scotland Scottish Government
25 February 2022 Coronavirus recovery and reform consultation Scottish Government
11 March 2022 Not Proven verdict Scottish Government
25 May 2022 National Strategy for Community Justice: Revision consultation Scottish Government
31 May 2022 Proposed Victims, Criminal Justice and Fatal Accident Inquiries (Scotland) Bill Scottish Conservative Party
17 June 2022 Children’s Care and Justice Bill – consultation response Scottish Government