Indecent exposure

Indecent exposure is regarded as a form of breach of the peace, shameless indecency or lewd practice. It is an offence that can be carried out by either men and women and can take place in public or private.

Any exposure of the genitals to another person without that other person’s consent is regarded as indecent exposure. It may be done for sexual gratification or to cause fear, alarm, humiliation and distress.

Many women and men have a heightened fear of sexual crime and research shows that this makes anything like indecent exposure or flashing extremely frightening. It can lead to anxiety, fear and feelings of distrust and violation.

Victim Support Scotland can provide personalised support and information following an indecent exposure incident. You don’t need to report the crime to receive our help.

First and foremost, we will listen to you and allow you the time to talk about your experiences. We will provide you with a trained supporter who has experience dealing with such cases and who can offer nonjudgmental support and information.  Our aim is to help you feel safer and emotionally stronger and better informed of your rights.

We can also provide practical assistance such as helping you feel safe in your home, giving you a personal safety alarm, and much more.

If you or someone you care about has been affected by an indecent exposure incident, please know that you are not alone. Whoever you are, whatever the situation and whenever the crime took place, we can help you.

You can access our services regardless of whether you have reported the crime or not to the police. Our services are free, independent and confidential.*

*We will only alert someone else if we feel you are at risk to yourself or to others.

Whoever you are and whatever the crime, we’re here to help