Help for family and friends as victims of crime

It can be a painful and confusing if you have a loved one who has been the victim of a crime. Watching your loved one go through a difficult time can leave you, their family, and their friends feeling lost about how to help them in the best way.

How can a loved one being a victim of crime affect you?

You may experience the emotional and physical effects of the crime despite not being the direct victim, such as stress, anxiousness, anger, etc. Victim Support Scotland is a free service that provides a confidential place for you to share your experiences with one of our team. Our volunteers offer emotional and practical support to individuals no matter what the crime or when it happened. Our aim is to ensure that you are not alone during this difficult time.

An image of a woman with her child.

Support for loved ones at court
Appearing at court can be a distressing and anxious experience for many people. If you or someone you care about is attending court, VSS can provide support and information to help you and your loved one prepare for an upcoming trial.

We are not part of Scottish Courts or the Crown Office, we are there solely for the people affected by the crime. If you are nervous about an upcoming trial, our witness service can organise a range of methods to help you. For example, a court familiarisation visit allows you to come into the court while it is not being used and discuss the witness process while seeing a court room.

Finding support for friends or family who were victims of crime
If you are worried about a loved one and how they are coping in the aftermath of a crime, Victim Support Scotland has information online and would be happy to support them directly.

Victim Support Scotland is here to help anyone affected by crime. If you need support, please contact us via our helpline (0800 160 1985), our webchat service (see bottom right) or our contact form.

Whoever you are and whatever the crime, we’re here to help