Court familiarisation visits

Attending court and giving evidence can be stressful and victims and witnesses may feel anxious about it.

Victim Support Scotland can organise a court familiarisation visit which gives you the opportunity to visit the court in advance of the trial date. Seeing the court before a trial can help to reduce victims’ and witnesses feelings of anxiety and stress about coming to give evidence.

A woman offering support to a victim a with court familiarisation visit.

During the visit you will have the opportunity to look around the court building (including a waiting room and an empty court room). We will explain what to expect on the day of the trial and the sequence of events. We will go through the court’s expectations of you as a witness and offer reassurance about anything that may be troubling you, such as your personal safety.

If relevant, we can also discuss any special measures (such as screens or in-court supporters) that may be available to ensure you feel comfortable and protected.

If you wish to arrange a visit, please contact Victim Support Scotland and ask for the Court Service at the court that you will be attending.

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