Virtual tours of Scottish courts

Welcome to our virtual courtroom tours. Seeing the court room before a trial can help to reduce victims’ feelings of anxiety and stress about giving evidence. On this page you can find interactive tours of all the courthouses across Scotland.

Our virtual tours are intended to inform you about what the courts look like and what you can expect when you attend. The interactive tour of Glasgow High Court below provides an example of a courtroom in each of the courts across Scotland. Scroll down to select your local court.

How to use the tour
Click on the screen and move your mouse, or use the left and right arrow buttons on your keyboard, to adjust your view of the courtroom. This will allow you to look around as if you were standing in one spot and turning your head. You can zoom in or out using the scroll button on your mouse.

Click on the round buttons to jump to a different view of the courtroom or use the image menu at the bottom.

Click on the i dots for more information about each station in the courtroom. These may help you understand what you are looking at, and contain some information about who sits where and what happens when you attend court as a witness.

Court familiarisation visits
We also offer in-person court familiarisation visits to all witnesses attending court.  At this pre-trial visit, you will be shown around by a support volunteer, and you can ask questions about what will happen when you attend court.

Start your virtual courtroom tour now

To start your own virtual tour, please use the menu below to select the court you are due to attend below.