Volunteer recruitment campaign toolkit 

The world paused, crime hasn’t.

Victim Support Scotland (VSS) has launched a volunteer recruitment campaign to attract an additional 200 volunteers to VSS by September 2021.

The campaign, ‘The world paused, crime hasn’t’ will run until 31 August 2021 when the Scottish Court services are due to open as per pre-Covid-19 levels.

Campaign Aims

Recruit 200 new volunteers to support more activities within the Scottish courts requiring our services, as well as a continuing need for more community support.

Highlight the unique volunteering opportunities at VSS; profiling the unique breadth of roles involved and the corresponding valuable training and development opportunities that set VSS apart from other third sector organisations.

Volunteering with VSS is an opportunity to:

  • Support victims and witnesses when they most need it
  • Empower people to move forward after a crime
  • Challenge yourself and learn new support skills
  • Gain experience of working within the criminal justice sector
  • Access a range of development opportunities
  • Make a real difference in their community

We are asking partners to help VSS recruit volunteers to help victims and witnesses of crime and have created the resources below for your use.


Newsletter copy

Title: Victim Support recruitment campaign: ‘The world paused, crime hasn’t.

Victim Support Scotland (VSS) has launched a new volunteer recruitment campaign to recruit over 200 volunteers across Scotland.

VSS is the leading charity dedicated to helping people affected by crime by providing emotional, practical and financial support.

Their invaluable network of volunteers supports victims and witnesses when they need it most, making a real difference in their community and empowering people to move forward after a crime.

These exciting volunteer roles offer the chance to access a range of development opportunities, including new support skills and gain experience of working within the criminal justice sector. Volunteers will help people in the community and at court, supported by a team of staff and fellow volunteers.

Find out more about VSS’ volunteering opportunities at: victimsupport.scot/volunteer

Sample social media posts

The world paused – crime hasn’t. @VSScotland/Victim Support Scotland is looking for new volunteers to support victims of crime in both the courts and community and develop their skills of the criminal justice sector. Find out more about how to #VolunteerWithVSS  http://victimsupport.scot/volunteer

Looking to make a difference? @VSScotland/Victim Support Scotland volunteers help victims and witnesses of crime around the country, supporting those in need. If you think you can help make a positive impact in your local area then why not apply to #VolunteerWithVSS? Find out more: http://victimsupport.scot/volunteer

The impact of crime can be devastating. @VSScotland/Victim Support Scotland volunteers help victims and witnesses through their entire criminal justice journey, supporting them to move forward after a crime. Find out more o how to #VolunteerWithVSS: http://victimsupport.scot/volunteer

Looking for a new challenge in a rewarding volunteer role? @VSScottland/ Victim Support Scotland volunteers provide emotional and practical support to people affected by crime in the community and the court environment while accessing unique development opportunities. #VolunteerWithVSS – it’s life-changing work. Find out more: victimsupportsco.org.uk/volunteer

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